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Maureen will be traveling in February, leaving the kennel care to Peggy and Lee.  In order to keep things running smoothly  we are limiting the number dogs we take in during this month.  To reserve a  limited spot in February we require a $25 non-refundable deposit to be mailed in with your two printed forms below. When we receive the deposit, shot records, and forms, we will reserve the date.  We will email you to let you know we received the check.   You still should follow the email instructions at the bottom of this page to get the ball rolling.  

Two forms are needed the first time you board with us.  Any additional visits in a calendar year will only require that you bring form 2. 

                                                   Click to download form.

Form 1, the contract, must be filled out one and brought only to the first visit in a calendar year. Please attach a copy of your shot records to this form. 

Form 2, the visitation  form, must be brought each and every time you board. The nice thing about form 2 is that you should be able to fill in and save  on your computer, making it simple to change the dates and bring each time after that.  

                We prefer you to print forms at home and bring with you.

It is much safer for your pet to have his information printed via computer, than to make Lee and Maureen guess what you scribbled by hand in a hurry.  No one will ever be allowed to leave a dog with us without a current visitation form placed on his stall.  

If you can't print, then try this:  You can fill in the form with your computer and then save as a pdf file .  You then can attach that pdf file to an email and send it to us.  Maureen will let you know if file comes through with the info.  Send
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