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Click here to download check in forms.

Clients are asked to view kennel prior to arranging first visit. 
Are normal check in and out times are between 9 - 10 AM or 5-6 PM. 

For our rates check our  rates page to have our sliding rates explained.      

We strongly recommend  the
Canine flu vaccine for both strains.   Should the flu have another outbreak like it did in the spring of 2017, we will again require it to enter the farm with your dog. 

Besides the normal vaccines, we require a bordetella vaccine within 6 months.    
Olive and Chip enjoy a small dog turnout on the front porch June 2017
Maureen has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis or ALS. (tests still on going) This affects my speech and not my mind. I know what to say, it just does not come out right. With treatment, most people with MG are symptom free. It might take all summer to get the needed treatment. Email The kennel is not bothered by this new illness other than we are not taking new clients at this time. If anything it keeps Maureen off the road and in the kennel. Maureen and Lee can always count on kennel and farm help from Peggy and Shorty Newton should we need extra help.

Sadly we are not accepting any new clients.  

We offer exclusive, personal pampering, For Approved Dogs Only!  Our life time success stories with our animals speaks to our  love and knowledge of dogs.  Let us care for your pet if you cannot take it with you.  Lee and Maureen offer specialized boarding that is hard to get at larger boarding places.  Since we have a small scale kennel, the stress level should be lower for your pet.  All inside runs have isolation panels for dogs needing more solitude. Boarders have the option of socialization time.  We have  3 inside isolated portable dog runs. The portable runs (4 X 5 , 3 X 5, and 2.5 X 4) are used for small dogs or an older pet that would benefit from more bedding and a private place.

All dogs are given at least 5 or more turn out times in one of our 3 turn out areas. The time length of the turn out depends on the weather, number of dogs in the kennel, and the enjoyment of the dog being turned out.   We want to keep your pet happy, housebroken, and safe.  Socialization on a small scale is an option, providing we have suitable playmates.  We are double gated, double fenced, state licensed, and approved by local veterinarians.

  •     Bring something that smells like you (a worn tee).
  •     We will supply kennel bedding or you may bring his blanket from home as long as it is machine washable and expendable. (The dog next to yours might be a chewer) ! We have Mason Kennel fold down beds.
  •     During flea season (June - Oct.) we ask clients to apply flea preventive.    If your dog has fleas, you will be charged for a bath.
  •   Items left behind will be kept for three days.
  •   Refrain from using any "Dog Park" two weeks prior to check in. 

          Email both of us to reserve your dates            Maureen                 Lee         

 "Boarding Reservation"  must be the subject line of your email  or we might overlook your boarding request ! If you do not get a reply in 36 hours, you should assume that we did not get your email.  Maureen and Lee check their mail several times a day!  However, sometimes a new email address is filtered as spam.  We do not check the trash very often!  The phone works well, but we will still ask for a reservation email to be sent if possible.  House number (you cannot leave a message on this line, call back)  828 697 2604.   Maureen's cell is 828 329 6084, Lee's cell 828 329 6086.   We prefer, if at all possible, emails be sent and calls made to the house.  

 Please include the following in your email:
    • your name, your pet's name
    • your home and cell phone number
    • your drop off / pick up TIME and Dates.
    • we will respond to a received email within 24 hours.
    • did you remember "boarding reservation request" as subject line?
    • Download, fill in, and print the appropriate form (forms).
  • please browse all kennel web pages.

Lee and Maureen are full time kennel managers.  Since the kennel is located in our home, under our kitchen, we truly live with your pets.  Maureen's personal working border collies also live in the kennel.   We enter and exit the kennel all day long doing farm chores, dog training, gardening, etc.   Your pet is observed, turned in and out, and loved on, many times a day,  from sun up to 10 PM at night.   Maureen's bedroom overlooks the kennel, she hears what goes on in the kennel at night.

We have full time, live on the farm, help when we need it.   Shortie and Peggie Newton  live just a stone's throw from the kennel. Peggy is a nurse and Shortie is retired navy.  They are owned by a rescued cocker spaniel, Lola, and a border collie, Diamond.

We ask that you do not visit dog parks for two weeks prior to checking into our kennel.   We strongly feel Dog Parks are a bad thing for many reasons, one of which is that they are a hot bed of disease.  

click for vaccinations requirements

click here for canine flu information.

We are most happy to answer email during your pets stay. We often send owners photos and videos during the stay.   Of course you can also call.